which used amp is a good fit?

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7 years 8 months ago #23575 by SonicConstruction
which used amp is a good fit? was created by SonicConstruction
Hi all

Till now I’ve always built my own amps based around the old maplin mosfet modules but now I'm getting couple of v18 1000s I've come to realise I'm prob better off buying a used branded one :D

I'd like something that can drive a couple of v18s at first and then maybe a second pair in future. This is for bass in a pair of cubos.

I'd prefer something solid and reliable than fancy. Obviously need something that can handle bass without falling over. What would people recommend to get me going?




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7 years 8 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #23580 by bjm362
Replied by bjm362 on topic which used amp is a good fit?
I am not likely to be able to make a recommendation, as I am likely not in your general area. I can help you a bit though. There might be forum members here in your area. If you post what area you are from, what kind of uses you are looking at and a rough idea what budget you are working with if anyone that can help you sees this they will be much more likely to respond. Really, looking in the used market you want someone as close as possible to respond.
I have bought some used gear off of the internet, but I am still personally leery of that.
Where I am at in Oklahoma City, Ok, USA. Things like that do show up from time to time in pawn shops.
Any amps you find in a pawn shop you can have them hook them up and demonstrate for you. You can also write down the info on them and look them up on the internet.
While working with a budget it is also not a bad idea to know what budget brands are pretty workable.
I do not recommend everything they make, but Behringer has stepped up their game as far as PA gear in recent years. I own an NU4-6000 which has proven to be a rugged, reliable and versatile workhorse. It sold new for about $350.
I have a friend that used to work for Crown/Harmon/Selenium (I am not sure how they are names are supposed to be written). He has a pair of NU-3000 DSP amps. That is basically the same thing I have except his is separated into two chassis plus they have all the dsp functions. He tells me he opened his up to take a good look and the INuke series amps are a good design and use good parts.

I don't find my NU4-6000 on Behringers page currently, so they may have stopped selling it.
The do show the NU-3000 and NU-12000 (non dsp) as well as the NU-1000dsp, NU-3000dsp, NU-6000dsp and NU-12000dsp.
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