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8 years 5 months ago #23208 by Laurence
t.amp TSA 2200 was created by Laurence
So need to get some new amps for my PA setup consisting of:
- 2x 8" tops (250W RMS @ 8 ohms)
- 2x 15" subs (600W RMS @ 8 ohms)

Been looking into options and i've got a budget of roughly £500 for two amps. Atm i'm mainly looking at the Behringer iNuke NU3000, t.amp TSA 2200, and the t.amp TSA 2400 MK-X.
Done quite a bit of reading about all the amps and Thomanns 3 year warranty has swayed me to the t.amps. The TSA 2400 MK-X would be my first choice but it hasn't go quite enough power to push the subs and i've heard its not really built to be bridged.
Heard reasonably good things about the TSA 2200 so was planning on getting two them, one running the tops stereo, and one running the subs bridged mono.
Question is, are the specs on thomanns are peak values so has anyone got any RMS ratings for bridged @ 4 ohms?
Also has anyone had much experience on how these amps sound (running mid/tops or lows)?
Basically torn between 2 iNuke NU3000's or 2 TSA 2200's. (I know theres a wealth of threads already out there, read most of them, but just looking for a vs. comparison in terms of £££ vs. performance vs. sound)

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