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7 years 10 months ago #18953 by Daryll
Behringer EPQ 2000 was created by Daryll
Only had this for a day and a half , but a fair bit of testing...

As my trusted berry 2500 died , and funds were short , and a gig coming up next Saturday , this was a decent option , £203 from amazon.

out of the box , a very well packed amp , a lot lighter than the old berry 2500 , but this should be , as it is a SMPS amp.
Front panel is sparse , a pair of gains 8 white leds ( four per side . and an on/off switch).
Rear panel has speakon out and a covered binding post terminal, inputs are balance XLR , jack and phono , go to see all three on a budget amp , limiter switch , stereo/mono/bridge and a very useful crossover switch , with this switched on , LF goes to one channel , while mid/HF goes to the other.

The Sound.
I left the citronic crossover settings the same , plugged the subs in , connected to the crossover are slowly increased the volume , for a budget amp it sounded really good , it did not have the "kick" of the old berry , but in 95% of cases , it preforms well .
The crossover had to be adjusted to the new amp , no by a lot , but a tweak here and there , gave it a range of music , from goa trance to celtic folk , pushing the amp did result in a slight "muddy" sound from the subs , this may well have been the subs getting to their limits , at more normal levels ( for me), a clean thump.....
It has a very noisy fan , which is on constant RPM , but I can live with that , the specs seem about right.

2x 700W @ 4 Ohms, 2x 500W @ 8 Ohms (RMS)
So the model EPQ 2000 , the 2000 is peak power , I do wish manufactures settled on a common system.

So what do I think...

for the money , there's nothing to touch it , in fact as far as SMPS amps are concerned , you would be pushed to better this for double the money.
would make a decent back up amp , or in my case a amp for the subs.


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