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Hay guys.

ive been reading about a bit but didnt find anything very clear, and i have no experience with this myself. so....

im getting interested in having a 4 chanel smps amp, like one of the cheaper pewersoft q amps. it would only need to be about 400ish in 8r and 600ish in 4r. i just want it to drive 12 inch floor wedges down to about 60 or 70 hz and i wounld not be thrashing it. perhaps i would need slightly higher ratings than stated from what i read of smps, but what im talking about are real watts.

the cheapest option (and safest) would be to go for some old heavyweights, like c audios or citronics which go for much less than their value in my opinion, but i love the idea of a little 6 ru mon rack (amp, 4 ch of 31 band and a patch panel) which i could lift myself and still drive 4 to 8 mons with 4 mixes. more than enough for me.

will this work ok do we think? its not realy a tough gig is it. if i was doing a dj i gues i could bridge the amp to get enough headroom to drive something a bit chunkier for the Db hungry mp3 shagger. i saw a similar setup and thought it was so neat. i didnt get to play with it though.

i think a nice shinny blue rack unit with the P word stamped on it would sell well also

what do we think?


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