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8 years 8 months ago #16056 by mein_kampf
LAB FP14000 was created by mein_kampf
Can LAB FP14000 run 12 Hog Scoops loaded with 18sound 18LW1400 on 2 ohm ?????

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8 years 8 months ago #16058 by pwoody
Replied by pwoody on topic LAB FP14000
long and short of it yes, but i wouldnt, unless there were other smoking deals factored in. my 2c, im sure somone else will tell you something else.

the short lab spec sheet states 7kw per channel at 2 ohms 2350 at 8, not sure whether thats peak, eia, or ftc.
the driver says its for 1kw aes, 1400 program, 7k peak. off hand i would say it would be fairly safe seeing around 1200-1500 for a night of rave, but i dont personally know these drivers or what these boxes like to get or what people like

you say you want to put 12 bins total on this amp? at best that would be 6 a side for a load of 1.33 ohms a channel, the amp wont gain much at all if any as its voltage output is limited, nvmd the increased heat and current the amp is doing, will most likely make it go thermal and protect itself if its like other labs, doing that fun thing where it shuts up for a few seconds to see if its all right then suddenly kicks back on.

anywho, 7kw perchannel if you get it to 2 ohms with processing or pads, drop off 1.167 kw per sub with 6 subs, thats a fairly safe number, if you only put 4 subs in line to put it to 2 ohms proper then each sub will be seeing 1750 a piece, thats starting to get a little risky. lose a sub and the amps potential goes up to about 1850 per box (2.67 ohms would be my guess of around 5500 per channel) getting even riskier, drop it down to 2 boxes and they getting 2200 a box, with 8 ohms its 2350. you could always gain the amp back or hit some switches on the back to limit voltage out but now, IMO, youve paid for extra amplifier you dont use. like buying a ferrari to drive 80 kph. Also, the energy potential is there to go up higher and make toasty cones.

I dont know if the labs use some kind of sensing feedback for damping factor, I personally believe in it, esp for bass. at 2 ohms with output impedance of 0.019 ohms your getting a factor of 109 which is horrible, factor in cable impedance and it only gets worse.

another limiting factor IMO is there is too many eggs in a basket, lose a channel lose half your bass, lose the amp you lose it all.

If your getting a smoking deal on it then grab it up, otherwise i would take the money your spending on it and source out 2 other amps, couple of 6400 on the cheap from a hire company, couple qsc 6.0, lots of possibilities.

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8 years 8 months ago #16082 by fireman1
Replied by fireman1 on topic LAB FP14000
like P says not safe , I would go for this one instead PLM 10000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management system. it´s a Lab too . 2 in 4out, and looking at the prices you could maybe get 3*6400 which will give you chance to use 4 hogs per amp :shh:

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