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1 year 4 months ago #25017 by Cia
RCF L12P400 was created by Cia
hello friends. thank you all for the information you share. I would like to ask if someone can guide me to chose an adequate enclosure for a pair of old RCF L12P400 woofers.
here are the woofer specs:
freq 34hz-4000hz
fs 34hz
qms 7
qes 0.25
qts 0.26
mms(kg) 0.05
cms(m/N) 0.00045
D (m) 0.241
sd (mq) 0.13
vas (mc) 0.13
re (ohm) 6
le 0
BL (tx m) 15.5
eff % 1.9
Xmax 6

Mth-30, Mhb-30 or reflex?

thank you


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