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Wbin SA4518 (JBL) was created by oxidizer
I bought 4 of these bins, i thought they were loaded with beyma GT 200.

because of the ts parameters are about the same with the original driver from JBL, they will do fine with no adjustments.

By unscrewing the front of the bins, it seems that 2 bins were loaded with beyma's 18G550, in this case are not suitable for this bin.

By recalculating the ports, can it be suited for the beyma 18G550?

can anyone calculate this?

ts of beyma 18G550

Resonant frequency, fs
D.C. Voice coil resistance, Re
Mechanical Quality Factor, Qms
Electrical Quality Factor, Qes
Total Quality Factor, Qts
Equivalent Air Volume to Cms, Vas
Mechanical Compliance, Cms
Mechanical Resistance, Rms
Efficiency, o (%)
Effective Surface Area, Sd (m2
Maximum Displacement, Xmax
Displacement Volume, Vd
Voice Coil Inductance, Le @ 1 kHz
36 Hz
5.3 ohms.
210 l
103 m / N
5.5 kg / s
0.1200 m2
9 mm.
1075 cm3
1.4 mH

sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language.

thank you


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