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I posted the following in the Introductions sub forum, maybe this is where it should be.

Here goes;

Good Day!

My name is Alain Benoit.

I currently own a tube amp repair shop. I do custom builds, mods and general service work. I also operate rehearsal spaces.

For over ten years I owned a commercial recording facility. See link here;

I have been doing live sound in both FOH and Monitor capacities for over 25 years. Although I mainly toy with PA for fun nowadays.
See recent entry in PA of the Day here;

The reason I am here and my plan over the winter is to convert two pairs of double 18's I have into 8 single 18's. The reason for doing this is that the current cabinets are in poor condition and the others are a little more pragmatic, portability and scale-ability.

The first pair of cabinets are Electro Voice Eliminator 2 x 18 loaded with B&C 18/029-4 which are the OEM part for Yorkville LS 800/900 series front loaded subs. These are ceramic magnet drivers. Naturally B&C nor Yorkville will release the TS parameters of these drivers to me but deductions can be made.

The other pair are Chinese copies of JBL SRX-728, I got these for very little money, the boxes are plain MDF that are barely braced and had to be re-glued on arrival, since then they have been working fine but I do not wish to ever move them. The drivers in them are assumed to also be a Chinese re-creation of a B&C driver, no way to know the parameters of these. On a good note, they have been taking a weekly punishment from a Crown XTi 6000 for two years now with no signs of failure.

My knowledge of acoustics and cabinet design are weak but my knowledge of electrical/electronics and power amplifiers are not.

My question is, given this limited information, what would be the optimal sub design for the drivers on hand from your menu? Cubo 18's?

Power is not an issue, I have a modest selection of amplifiers to choose from ranging from 1k5 to 8k. Mostly Crown and QSC.

See attached pictures and link.

Thank you all in advance for any help or insight provided.


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