question-circle 18-sound double 18'' bandpass subwoofer

4 years 1 month ago #23481 by takkebeest
18-sound double 18'' bandpass subwoofer was created by takkebeest
dear guy's,

i have a question about an speaker plan i have found on the web!
its an speaker plan from an lovely speaker fabric called eighteen-sound.
the plots are looking really good for me (i'm thinking its might be a good idea to take this subs behind our line array) so i was wondering what your opinion was on this drawings.
the size of the speaker cabinet and the type of driver they are using is really good in my way.
maybe If there are same people who had built these subs maybe they allowing us to share any experiences!
i have found some pictures of an company called RKB Professional Audio but they are an Chinese company that clones a lot of A-Class speakers (with i think a lot of Chinese components) so i don't think its a good choice to ask them for their opinion.

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