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5 years 11 months ago #22922 by Housexy
Cubo sub loaded - Fane Colossus 15XB was created by Housexy
Good day all,

I have a mobile disco with a general play list of top 40, R&B, house and Indian dance music (bhangra). I have a pair of active Cerwin Vega's 21'' bass bins which are freaken heavy (91kg's) which didn't suit smaller gigs.

So I built a pair of THAM12's loaded with Faital Pro 12HP1010 powered by a berry Nuke 6000 via a DCX2496. The THAM12's are really impressive for their small footprint and weight. However, I do miss the low bass notes as the Faital's usable frequency stops at 45Hz.

I read that the Cubo sub, will go lower than the THAM's. At the moment because of funds, I only have the Fane Colossus 15XB at my disposal.

T&S's for the Colossus 15XB:
FS: 38Hz
RE: 6.5 Ohms
Qms: 7.48
Qes: 0.336
Qts: 0.32
Vas ltr: 168

Just for smaller gigs, would the Colossus 15XB work in the Cubo Sub, and how efficiently & low would it go.

I may be in the position to build four (4), if it will work. This will used in the event I am doing a gig on my own. Will never be able to haul the CV's on my own

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5 years 10 months ago #22930 by Cubo15
Replied by Cubo15 on topic Cubo sub loaded - Fane Colossus 15XB
Good day,

By my (personal) definition the THAM 12 is a 50 Hz and up cabinet, Cubo 15 is a 40 Hz and up cabinet, Cubo Sub is a 30 Hz and up cabinet. Your music styles seem mostly to be 40 Hz and up music, some specific songs perhaps 30 Hz and up.

I would use the Fane 15XB in Cubo 15 Extended. I think it will drop 5 - 10 Hz lower as a THAM12. It will also give most 18" reflex bins a run for their money and still is a one man lift, even upstairs.

A Cubo Sub I wouldn't want to lift up stairs, rolling around on wheels is no problem. The Fane can be used in Cubo Sub but is better suited for use in Cubo 15 Extended.

Best regards


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