file Loading mini hogs (15") with Fane 18xb

5 years 7 months ago #22580 by Kamikaze
Loading mini hogs (15") with Fane 18xb was created by Kamikaze
Forgive me guys as this is my first post. I'm still getting to grips with a few things but i've just come into a problem..
I've just semi built two mini/micro hog scoops. They were orginally planned to be 15" hogs but i have recently aqquired a set of Fane 18XB 1000W.

Was wondering if i twin skinned the boxes and made a slight accomodation to fit in the driver what the results would be? Would this driver be too powerful for the boxes? I'll attach an image of the plans for the boxes tommorrow when im at my work computer.

Any help, no matter what would be hugely appreciated. We're on a tight budget now and would hate to have to waste these semibuilt boxes.

Cheers guys!


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