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6 years 4 weeks ago #21967 by Lee Batchelor
Cube 15 was created by Lee Batchelor
Hi everyone,
I'm really intrigued with the Cube 15 design that can house the Kappalite 3015LF driver. Does it have an F3 = 40 Hz? I downloaded the plans, but would like them in Imperial if possible. Otherwise, I can convert them. I'm also a little confused about what the inside looks like.

I would be using this for keyboard bass and a wee bit of bass guitar--not very loud, more for live entertainment at outdoor private parties. No loud band work. My current design uses a 4.7 cubic foot ported design. I attached the design in PDF format.

If anyone has experience with the 3015LF in the Cube 15 box, please share your thoughts. Many thanks.

- Lee

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