file DJM600 £220 + Amps, drivers, empty cabs + Free stuff

8 years 4 months ago #18018 by chickenfizz
Hello, for sale I have a DJM600 I'd like offers around £220, there is some wear to the pain near the crossfader but it actually doesn't look as bad in real life as in the photo and replacements are available if this is a big problem to you. Based near Newcastle but happy to post for £10.

Free pair of Sennheiser HD25SP with any item over £100

- Pair of Trap cabs, unloaded, each one contains 2x 1" screw type horn flares (one of which is cracked but still usable). Carpeted, handles on top and bottom, metal feet, 2x NL8 sockets in each cab, plywood (pretty sure it's 13 lam) construction. Cut-outs for 12" and 10" drivers in each one (10" chamber consists of a plastic bucket!). Steel powder-coated grilles with folded edges. FREE - Local pick-up only

- Crest P4801, a bit tatty but works perfectly (not pictured) £210

- Amcron Macro-tech MA-600 good cosmetic condition, new dust filters, missing one binding post £170

- T-Amp 600 MK-X (not pictured, but same good condition as the 1050) £75

- T-Amp 2400 MK-X (not pictured) works perfectly, good cosmetic condition £160

- Bi-amped wedges, plywood construction, solid build, markie grilles (need a paint though), 15" 200w Celestion drivers, 1" Peavey 22a compression drivers on a short 90x60 horn. Picture is comically bad but it's all I have. One of the drivers got damaged when somebody dropped something heavy on it so the cone is now gaffa taped up (used it like this for several gigs though) hence price of £70 the pair.

- Carlsbro 15" + Piezo speakers, 15" drivers missing, but motorola piezos installed and working, chipboard construction, vinyl covered but nice strong steel grilles, look tidy. FREE

- 10" x 1" sealed trap cabs, unloaded (and no x-overs) but will leave the speakons, Celestion 9040P horns and good metal bar handles in for £20, otherwise totally empty boxes. MDF, loads of coats of aldcrofts, decent build, nice and tidy, no grilles though. FREE

- Cloud CX133 zone mixer, in as-new condition, was installed in a church for a few weeks but was inappropriate for the task, used literally once or twice. £40

- Peavey Scorpion 10" drivers, 200w RMS, response up to 4kHz, work well on horns or in a sealed box, cast baskets. £25 each (2 available)

- Fane Studio 12L, 200w RMS, 101dB 1W/1M, very efficient £35 (only one available)

Open to offers on all items. Anything can be posted except cabs, which need to be collected from near Newcastle.

Thanks for looking.

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