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8 years 6 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #17417 by jbinks
Hi everyone

I have a few bits that I need to get rid of in order to obtain:
  • Space
  • Cash

All items are located near Chichester (Portsmouth, Bognor Regis) and you are very welcome to collect by appointment. I can deliver, depending on your location cheaply if needed. I tend to travel about the country a fair bit and might be passing you soon. If I get a number of sales I could deliver a number of them at the same time to make the delivery more affordable.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, bank transfer. Cash on collection/delivery is always best.

Deposits secure items, not dibs. The only exception is for those who I know and trust.

6u Plywood flightcase - £30
Condition: Used, but undamaged.
This is a 6u rack, approx 40cm deep, made from solid ply and covered with a black textured plastic which is in fair condition. It has peeled up at the edges where it just needs re-gluing to restore the appearance.
There are rails fitted to the front, but not the back. The case has rubber feet and a sturdy handle (one side only).
The lids fit securely and are foam-lined.
There is a double socket fitted in the rear of the rack with a length (2m?) of cable and a 13a plug. I don't know the condition of this and the electrical components are sold strictly as faulty and in need of proper inspection and safely test before you should use them. I have no reason to suspect there to be any problems with them, but it is your responsibility to check before you use it!
Note that the mark shown in the last photo on the top of the case is just mud/dirt and can be wiped off. The plastic coating is in great condition with no obvious marks, dents or holes.
[attachment=23:2slftbmy]<!-- ia23 -->6u-1.jpg<!-- ia23 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=22:2slftbmy]<!-- ia22 -->6u-2.jpg<!-- ia22 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=21:2slftbmy]<!-- ia21 -->6u-3.jpg<!-- ia21 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=20:2slftbmy]<!-- ia20 -->6u-4.jpg<!-- ia20 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=19:2slftbmy]<!-- ia19 -->6u-5.jpg<!-- ia19 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]

12u heavy-duty flightcase - £75
Condition: Good (except paint and sticker)
SOLID, 12u flightcase with mounting rails at the front only.
This is a DEEP case which will easily hold pretty much any amp. I think it's something like 70cm internally - not including the doors, which are fitted with smart storage "bags" (easily enough space to store loads of mic cables, mics, headphones, tools, etc.).
The catches are all heavy-duty (stronger than the usual catches).
The case has some spraypaint on the front door (rear door is clean) and a large sticker on the side. There is also some tape on the front door stating which end is the front and top. I left this on as it was handy!
The paint, sticker and tape should come off easily with a soft wire brush and perhaps some white spirit to help with the residue. Never bothered to do this myself as the rack was only used a few times.
The bottom of the rack has mounting holes for standard castors (not included), but I would recommend not mounting castors directly to any rack, but onto a strip of ply batton to add strength to the base of the case.
[attachment=18:2slftbmy]<!-- ia18 -->12u-1.jpg<!-- ia18 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=17:2slftbmy]<!-- ia17 -->12u-2.jpg<!-- ia17 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=16:2slftbmy]<!-- ia16 -->12u-3.jpg<!-- ia16 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=15:2slftbmy]<!-- ia15 -->12u-4.jpg<!-- ia15 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=14:2slftbmy]<!-- ia14 -->12u-5.jpg<!-- ia14 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]

Custom DJ case - £40
Condition: Poor
This was used in the past by a mobile DJ to house his mixer, cd players and controllers, mic, headphones, some CDs, amp and cables.
Not much to say on this really that can't be seen in the photos.
It would also make a handy trunk if you only used the "rear" door (either with wheels on the door and use the case for speakers/lights, or with wheels on the far-side of the case and used as a trunk).
[attachment=13:2slftbmy]<!-- ia13 -->djcase-1.jpg<!-- ia13 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=12:2slftbmy]<!-- ia12 -->djcase-2.jpg<!-- ia12 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=11:2slftbmy]<!-- ia11 -->djcase-3.jpg<!-- ia11 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=10:2slftbmy]<!-- ia10 -->djcase-4.jpg<!-- ia10 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=9:2slftbmy]<!-- ia9 -->djcase-5.jpg<!-- ia9 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=8:2slftbmy]<!-- ia8 -->djcase-6.jpg<!-- ia8 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=7:2slftbmy]<!-- ia7 -->djcase-7.jpg<!-- ia7 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=6:2slftbmy]<!-- ia6 -->djcase-8.jpg<!-- ia6 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=5:2slftbmy]<!-- ia5 -->djcase-9.jpg<!-- ia5 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]

Twin CD player (Citronic I think) - £60
No photos yet.
This has been serviced and is in full working order.
It's a rack-mount twin CD deck and controller (2u each). The knobs on the pitch faders are missing, but that's the only issue.
It's the type with an encoder wheel for pitch bending.
May take offers if you are interested.
Will try to get photos ASAP.
I think this is the one: (not mine - found image on Google)

Two adjustable telescopic satellite poles - £20
Condition: Mint
These were only used once but since then I upgraded my Basys systems to use the M20 threaded poles.
The poles are pretty much as new but might have the odd slight mark as they are technically used.
Should be able to post for about £7.
[attachment=4:2slftbmy]<!-- ia4 -->IMAG0514.jpg<!-- ia4 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=3:2slftbmy]<!-- ia3 -->IMAG0515.jpg<!-- ia3 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]

Behringer XENYX 1222FX mixer - £110 delivered
Condition: Mint. Boxed with rack-mount kit.
This was bought as a spare desk and was only every used 3 or 4 times (mainly on DJ gigs to manage the "live" elements like MCs, Bongo man etc.) It was used for a 5-piece band once (quite impressed with the built in effects actually! Very handy!).
It's supplied boxed and pretty much as new! Complete with manual and rack-mount kit.
Reluctant sale, I need the cash and space. Have upgraded other mixers so now have more capable mixers available as spares.
Price includes delivery to mainland UK addresses. Collection also possible.
[attachment=2:2slftbmy]<!-- ia2 -->IMAG0502.jpg<!-- ia2 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=1:2slftbmy]<!-- ia1 -->IMAG0503.jpg<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]
[attachment=0:2slftbmy]<!-- ia0 -->IMAG0504.jpg<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:2slftbmy]

Feel free to ask questions!

I have listed these as accurately as possible but may have made minor errors.


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8 years 6 months ago #17463 by Sub Audio
cabs loook mean. would go nicely with my current stack! Will have those 1850s off you mate if you still have them up for grabs? i am in basingstoke any chance of delivery if your passing through any time soon?



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8 years 6 months ago #17464 by jbinks
Hi Ben, I'll send you a PM now.


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8 years 6 months ago #17625 by jbinks
1850s provisionally sold.

Cases (except the mixer one) are still available. Feel free to make offers on them as I need the space.

ADDED: Twin CD rackmount player+controller. Again, offers will be considered.


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8 years 6 months ago #17627 by levyte357

Yo mate, was waiting for you to call last weekend to confirm date & time of meet.

Please confirm next time you're up with case, and we'll do the business.

\"When in Vegas, do as the vegasians do\".

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8 years 5 months ago #17882 by jbinks
Updated with new bits and removed sold/withdrawn items.

Offers welcome, especially if you want a couple of items.

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8 years 5 months ago #18169 by jbinks
New items added.

Offers are welcome, but no jokers please!!

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