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3 years 5 months ago #24770 by Facedrop15
Help with Tweeter Attenuation was created by Facedrop15
Hi all,

I just finished building a two-way midtop which had it's trial run over new years. The 2" tweeter was much more sensitive than the mid driver, although I was mostly able to account for this by EQing with a DSP. However, for future use I'd like to attenuate the tweeter by 12db to simplify this whole process. The cab uses a passive crossover network which was a premade PA one I found that fit the requirements. I've built crossovers before so I'm not totally unskilled with electronics (just mostly unskilled). From the research I've done, it seems that the best option would be to install an Lpad between the crossover and the tweeter? My primary uncertainty here is in regards to the power handling. As I understand it, the sum of the wattage power handling of the two resistors in the circuit should equal the power handling of the tweeter. I'm struggling to find any guidance on how to overcome the larger power handling of PA tweeters relative to the 10-20W power handling of resistors.

Is there some solution like banding together a few resistors in series to give a larger overall power handling for an Lpad circuit?


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