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Hi everybody, Hey this is prashant from India. I am a sound engg student in Mumbai. I have made some speaker design; also I have made a NEW Dual 18” folded horn speaker cabinet. After completed R&D we have give it to 54 Hirer for testing purpose. When they connected In open Air, Sound (punch) comes near very hard & long soft tone. They played 12hr continually there was no problem found. I have used in inside enclosure 2 x RCF LF18N451-1500watts RMS. & also used 2 x PD1850. If u wants this design so please mail me:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For free. If you have any problems, inquiry or any suggestions, don’t hesitate & feel free to ask. We are always there for you. Thanks, Prashant.

Please someone help me choose the right alternative woofer for the MS-18 MkIII cabinet. I'm looking at getting C18-650EL since it's available at nearby wholesalers. I compared the two cabinets at same volume and the C15 did absolute best. An indication that size is not only the determining factor.