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Hi Folks, I have a pair of V18-1000 loaded X1's (plan to build a 2nd pair), and a pair of PD1550 loaded A.S.S B500's. I realise the norm is to use the HD15's with the X1 but I would like to utilise my BS500's. I have tried setting up 2 x X1 and 2 x BS500 but can't seem to get anywhere the output you would expect from this combo. Have I setup my LMS wrong or are these cabs simply a mismatch? Also, could anyone recommend a good mid/top build to go with the bass setup (ideally a passive crossover job because of the LMS restrictions, or if necessary I will upgrade my LMS)?

My Spec:
DBX DriveRack PA or BSS Minidrive
2 x X1 driven by CREST 8001 (Bridged)
2 x BS500 driven by CROWN 5000vz (Parallel)
QSC PLX3402 available to drive mid/tops

Sub - hp 24db LR @ 35Hz / lp 24db LR @ 75Hz
Bass - hp 24db LR @ 50Hz / lp 24 db LR @ 120Hz
Not entirley sure about delays....??

I spoke to Tony @ A.S.S and he said that the overlapping crossover point maybe necessary with the BS500.

Has anyone used this combination before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers- Adam

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