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This first WoW DLC marked many players was created by lymsjgje88
Shadowlands will turn out to be more open for all players at dispatch, as character levels will be crunched from the level cap of 120 to 60, just as the arrival of fan-most loved ability trees and capacities offering greater adaptability to character constructs WOW Classic Items . These viewpoints intend to encourage a significantly more smoothed out leveling experience for new and returning players, while not giving up on trouble and multifaceted nature. 
With the level cap being shortened from 120 to 60, more current players or returning ones will not need to crush through levels interminably to get gotten up to speed and begin with the new substance in Shadowlands. At the point when Patch 9.0 hits, players who are at level 120 will consequently be moved down to level 50 Buy WOW Classic Items , which implies those players will naturally have the option to participate in Shadowlands content, which starts at level 50 onwards. 

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