file screenshots were revealed for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Coins In the newest Famitsu issue some new screenshots were revealed for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory! King Mickey is briefly introduced with the article stating that an item will allow him to be a fourth playable character in Field Battle tracks. Some story cutscene screenshots from prior titles are shown which are likely going to be viewable from the museum. New screenshots from the press site were revealed too. Lastly a few screenshots showcasing some guest party members are shown. These guest party members are Aladdin Beast and Stitch.

Kingdom Hearts MOM Coins  Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory had a segment at the TGS 2020 show of Square Enix. The biggest announcement was the fact Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will receive a free demo in mid-October. Coming to all platforms. This will let everyone try out the game before release.You can read more on KHMoM with our translations of the latest interviews with the game’s staff published by Japanese outlets.Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will launch on PS4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on November 13. The game will be out two days earlier in Japan on November 11. You can preorder it on Amazon to support DualShockers.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is the surprising new rhythm game set to release on Switch PS4 and Xbox One later this year. Check out the trailer here. The trailer and subsequent information has thus far only been released in Japanese but we can glean quite a bit from the trailer and the official website. It looks like Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (or as one GR+ writer pointed out: KH: MoM) will feature 140 songs and several fan favorite characters from the franchise. That includes Sora Donald Goofy Riku Kairi Hercules Aladdin and likely many more. 

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