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Microsoft Gift Card for Sale  Microsoft revealed that it has achieved a breakthrough in using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically caption images. In its tests and a novel object captioning benchmark Microsoft says its AI model managed to describe images as well as humans can. The model could help improve accessibility across the web and in apps by providing automatic image captions for people with visual impairments.

Microsoft Gift Card Digital Codes  Microsoft researchers have built an artificial intelligence system that can generate captions for images that are in many cases more accurate than the descriptions people write. The breakthrough in a benchmark challenge is a milestone in Microsoft’s push to make its products and services inclusive and accessible to all users.“Image captioning is one of the core computer vision capabilities that can enable a broad range of services,” said Xuedong Huang a Microsoft technical fellow and the chief technology officer of Azure AI Cognitive Services in Redmond Washington.

Microsoft on Tuesday reminded customers that Office 2010 and Office 2016 for Mac have received their final security updates as the suites have now dropped off the company's support list.And as Microsoft has done before the Redmond Wash. company exploited the end of support to pitch customers on changing to the subscription-based Office 365. 

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