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2 weeks 3 days ago #24768 by lymsjgje88
It's been quite a while since Onyxia was a compromising presence in Buy WOW Classic Items legitimate. For hell's sake, I've even flown in to bop her with a fireball on my horribly overlevelled principle on more than one occasion. However, on the off chance that WoW Classic gave the feeling that she may again carry dread to globe-trotter's hearts, it's been generously squashed by a nudist murder unit. 
What's next, at that point? Will our bare saints presently courageous Blackwing Lair to punch Nefarian in naked? Or then again will Blizzard at long last give WOW Classic Items players an entirely different world to overcome in the buff? For now… put yer pants back on, people, you'll get a bug. 

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