Fraud/Scams Awareness

Please review the following, and use your best judgement in all transactions.

Buying goods you find online is similar to buying goods through a classified advertisement from news paper, use your best judgment.
We do not own or sell the used equipement listed on our site.
 freespeakerplans provides a service that connects sellers with buyers . We are not equipement dealers. Any listing information about a particular item comes directly from the seller. You will need to contact the sellers directly through our website.
We do not get involved in transactions between buyer and sellers (refer to more information below).
We do not take part in transactions between buyers and sellers. does not guarantee or endorse transactions, and we do not have preferred or pre-approved sellers. It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to take necessary precautions. We do not take responsibility in the event of such an occurrence. It is also advised to keep record of the invoice, emails and other documents related to the transaction for future references.

Report Fraud/Scams? investigates all reports in an attempt to prevent future fraud. However, as we do not participate in the transaction, it is unlikely that we will be able to get your money back for you. It is ultimately the responsibility of the consumer to use due diligence and take the proper precautions when dealing in online transactions. If you would like to submit formal accusation with local authorities, you must contact said authority directly.

Please read our disclaimer.